Martes a Sabado y Feriados de 09:00 a 14:00 hs y de 17:00 a 22:00 hs –  Domingos de 17:00 a 22:00hs            

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  • The santiagueño is recognised for the quality of his “zapateo” – for the skill, energy, slenderness and grace that he exhibits in each dance. Therein lies his spirit, the power of his agility and his plastic capacity.

    – “The chacarera” is a dance of the people; it contains the massive and the generic aspects. It is a joyful encounter, an overflowing joy that  is expressed in the open arms and the rhythm of the snap

    – The zamba, dance of gentle and gallant love. The handkerchief plays a leading role, doing  circles of great expressiveness that become tighter and tighter; the dancers circle each other and show the intimacy of their thoughts and emotions. 

    – Between the chacarera and the zamba, there is “the gato”, a dance of insinuating mischievousness through a short choreographic route, with a light rhythm and vivacity.

    – “El escondido”, adds to the joy of all, the loving game of hiding, the search and the happy and pleasurable encounter.

    – “”The zamba alegre” is a fusion of different dynamics: zamba and chacarera. It is made concrete through the leading elements of the two dances that fuse the language of the handkerchief in the zamba and the jubilant and festive search in the figures of the chacarera.

    “Without the joy of the dance there is no consciousness of living! (Orestes Di Lullo)

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