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    People from Santiago del Estero have a very strong personality and strong sense of belonging to their land. People is quiet and unhurried as they have the same energy as their nature. Also, they are very social and warm as the heat on summer. They are very genuine, engrossed and taciturn.

    Santiaguenian people are very shy and do not share their dreams or how they feel, so they express it through art, music, dance and the way they talk. Forest’s mystery is expressed in their surroundings, their speech and the way they are. Mountains are far away from home and fresh water is not enough to calm the heat. Cultural identity is related with the Santiaguenian landscape. Its geography is what defines people’s character. The sun is blazing during the long summers; winter is so ephemeral that it can merely attenuate its fiery. This peculiarity is the reason for a different pace of life.

    Santiago del Estero is what it is thanks to its people! Santiaguenian reflects the landscape, the weather, the flora and the fauna. All this shapes their character, their way of relating, feeds beliefs, creates their art that crumbles in the kitchen and lets it run at every moment of his daily life.

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