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    Mg Adriana Medina

    More than two thousand years ago, were the Incas who began to weave clothes, being considered the first “weavers” of the pre-Columbian cultures.

    Subsequently, they began their expansion reaching the North-West (NW) Among their cultural legacy, the art of dressmaking stands out.

    The Spaniards introduced a more complex mechanical device than the one used by the native peoples: the Criollo loom.Due to the looms of the native peoples lack pedals and the heddles (the thread with which the weavers divide the warp), they must be moved by hand.

    The techniques are distinguished from each other by the tool used: with a sewing or weaving needle, with a shuttle and with a loom.

    The raw materials used after the arrival of the Spaniards were sheep’s wool and cotton or a combination of both.

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