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    Burial practices consisted of:

    -Direct primary burial in the ground with or without ritual offerings.

    -Direct or primary direct burial in large urns with a puco (lid).

    -Secondary burial in urns and in the ground. First the bodies were buried until the soft parts disappeared. After the flesh was removed, the bones were placed in smaller urns, which were also covered with a lid.

    -Burial of infants (young children) in urns covered with pucos.

    Within the context of this culture, we should tentatively add the important manifestations of “rock art” (pictography and petroglyphs) that were found in the Ambargasta and Sumampa sierras, given that they are associated with Sunchituyoj pottery.

    It is important to point out that, due to their geographical location (bordering Córdoba), these rock art expressions are linked to those found in the central sierras of the province of Córdoba.

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