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    Mg. Adriana Medina.

    During the 16th and 17th centuries, slaves arrived in Santiago del Estero and the NW in order to replace indigenous labour. Most of them were introduced from Brazil via Buenos Aires.

    The architect of their arrival in Santiago del Estero was Bishop Francisco de Victoria, who brought them on his return trip from Brazil, on the occasion of Argentina’s first export abroad.

    However, many did not reach their destination, some died and others escaped.

    At the end of the 18th century, according to the 1778 Census, 54% of Santiago’s population was black.

    According to the 2010 National Census

    The community of San Félix (Dpto. Jiménez, Santiago del Estero) is the only community of 100% descendants of those slaves brought from Brazil that still exists in the whole country. It is a community that is the 6th generation of black descendants.

    There are approximately 200 people living on a regular basis and many others who live in El Bobadal (Jiménez Department, Santiago del Estero) for economic reasons or to study. The majority of the regular inhabitants survive thanks to cattle breeding, poultry hunting, the sale of posts and charcoal, among other activities.

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